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  • Passport is a private online community for signatories of the Pledge that provides practical tools and industry expert connections to help companies achieve their net-zero carbon emissions goals.

  • Only signatories and partners of the Pledge can access Passport and the exclusive content that’s available for members inside.

  • No, there is no cost or any fee to use Passport.

  • Invited members at signatory companies will receive an email with their credentials and a link to the sign in page.

  • If you haven’t received your sign-in credentials a few business days prior to the official launch, reach out to your point of contact on The Climate Pledge team. Each signatory will be allocated access for up to five users in Passport. Additional users may be requested as needed by your company’s designated point of contact.

  • To sign in to Passport, you must first become a signatory. We invite you to learn more about the Pledge and to get started by filling out our online form.

  • Passport Academy is an on-demand learning resource with courses just for signatories. Get started on Passport