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Climate Justice Environmental Justice

Journey across the world with
visual storytellers of the highest caliber. Their inspiring work makes it clear
that new points of view are vital precursors to climate action.

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The Climate Pledge

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Partnering with the National Geographic Society, The Climate Pledge is funding the work of 15 extraordinary Explorers and their documentation of the global climate crisis over the next three years. These visual storytellers, including Asha Stuart and Luján Agusti, are illuminating everything from Brazil’s food paradox to the complexities of the Philippine forests. Through a personal angle, they’re using photography, writing, film, cartography, and multimedia to transport you to the frontlines of climate change—while helping to identify long-lasting solutions to protect the health and wonder of our world.
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Climate Justice Extreme Weather
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Future Forward documentary series

Peek through the lens of critically acclaimed directors as they reveal how Pledge signatories are innovating to safeguard our shared landscapes, resources, and potential.

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Corporate Responsibility Sustainability Goals
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Just Back From

Get timely reflections on topical sessions and guest speaker perspectives from climate action events and landmark conferences hosted globally throughout the year.

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Climate Action Net Zero
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Why We Signed essay series

Explore the many reasons companies from every industry have committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, making matters of real urgency their business.

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