Sep 18 2023 - Seattle, WA, United States

The Climate Pledge Turns Four!

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Sally Fouts

Global Lead, The Climate Pledge

Reflections on four years, and more than 400 global companies committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.


Four years ago this week, Amazon and Global Optimism cofounded The Climate Pledge, with Amazon as the first signatory. Today, we have more than 430 signatories, comprised of over 9 million employees, spanning 56 industries and 38 countries. From beginning to develop the world’s largest zero-emission aircraft (Alaska Airlines and ZeroAvia) and sailing a first-of-its-kind zero-carbon cargo ship (Maersk), to low-impact innovations in plant-based products (Impossible Foods), and providing electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the entire United States Postal Service (Siemens), each year of remarkable growth and bold climate action makes us more optimistic about the impact this diverse group of companies has—and will continue to have—on preserving our planet. 

Some exciting milestones from year four: 

  • We launched Passport, an online community exclusively for signatories of the Pledge that allows us to share learnings and facilitate collaboration with one another in real-time. 
  • We released Future Forward, our six-part documentary series spotlighting signatory companies and trailblazers behind climate solutions. 
  • We accelerated collective climate action through a number of Joint Action Projects, in the transportation and logistics sector in particular.

As The Climate Pledge enters its fifth year, we are presented with opportunities and challenges. The urgency of addressing climate change is more apparent than ever, with extreme weather events, rising temperatures, and environmental degradation affecting communities worldwide. But if the past four years are any indication, our community will continue to meet great challenges with even greater innovation. The Pledge serves as a beacon of hope, demonstrating that together collective action has a significant impact. We have the power to drive systems-wide change and develop new solutions to tackle what comes next.